Terrence Wilkins - Director Of Photography


Terrence is a commercial and narrative, director of photography. His work focuses on stylized realism, which embraces a larger than life look with grounds in reality. He's also an Arri Alexa Mini owner with a selection of Anamorphic lenses and full HMI / LED lighting package.


terrencewilkins@gmail.com +44 (0) 7954177633

Equipment List:

Camera package

Arri Alexa Mini (with tilta cage system, anamorphic license & minimic)

EF/ PL mount

11 x v mount battery (190wh)

Cfast Cards - 3 x 256gb / 1 x 128gb

Tilta MB-12 Matte Box

Tiffen 4x 5.65 0.3/ 0.6 ND filters (allows up to 10stops of ND with built in alexa mini's ND)

4 x 5.65 Schnieder Hollywood Blackmagic 1/4

4 x 5.65 Schnieder Classic Soft fx 1

 4 x 5.65 Formatt Hitech  Circular Polariser

4 x 5.65 Lindsey Optics Diopter +1/4 / +1/2 / +1

 Sigma Cine Zooms 18-35 & 50-100 T2 PL

Laowa 12mm T2.9 PL

DZO 14-30 & 20-55 & 50-125 T2.8 PL Zoom 

Schnieder Anamorphic lenses (45/50/85/135)

Zeiss Contax lens set 28/35/50/85/135

Camera Grip

Easyrig Vario 5 with Stabil G2  (kongfrog quick release)

Vinten 250 Tripod

Dana Dolly System (5ft pipe)

Camera Monitoring / Control / Input

Teradek 500 LT - wireless video transmitter (with 3 receivers)

Nucleus M - wireless follow focus

2 x Swit FM 21.5inch HDR daylight viewable (  1500 nits Directors Monitor)

7inch Wireless daylight viewable Directors monitor/cage (2200nits)

7inch Blackmagic monitor

Rode wireless receiver kit (for scratch audio)

Sekonic Lightmeter L478-D

Comms System

1 x Eartec UltraLITE HD Master Headset 

                        4 x Eartec UltraLITE HD Remote Headset                         

      6 x Walkie Talkies

Lighting & Power

1 x Honda EU22i 2200w Generator

1 x 2.5k HMI electronic ballast (dimmable)

1 x M18 1800W HMI electronic ballast (dimmable)

2 x 2.5k HMI magnetic ballast (non dimmable)

1 x 1.2k HMI magnetic ballast (non dimmable)

2 x Rayzr MC400 (2400K - 9900K) (Skypanel S60 equivalents - full RGB)

1 x 600w led light mat 4ftx4ft (3000k-5600k) ( with softbox and eggcrate)

1 x 240w led light mat 120cmx46cm (3000k-5600k) ( with softbox and eggcrate)

1 x 100w led lite mat 4ft x 24cm (3000k-5600k) ( with softbox and eggcrate)

1 x Aputure 300d mk II (fresnel / spotlight attachment and gobos / 120 & 90 cm softboxs and eggcrates)

5 x Dedo DLH4 150w

1 x Aputure 60d (with softbox and grid)

2 x Quasar Crossfade 4ft (2000-6000k)

     2 x RGB Titan Tube 

1 x Lite Panel Astra 5600k

1 x Aputure Amaran Light Storm 1s 5600k

1 x icelight

8 x 20W battery powered RGB LED

Lighting Modifiers / Rigging

1 x Antari 350 Hazemachine

1x 12x12ft diffusion frame (1/2 grid / ultrabounce) can also break down to a 8x8ft and 4x4ft frame

1 x 8x8ft diffusion frame with egg crate (full silk/ 1/4 silk/ unbleached muslin/ ultrabounce)

1 x 4x4ft diffusions frame (1/4 grid/ 1/2 grid/ magic cloth)

1 x 1.5 x 2m diffusion frame

1 x 1.1m x 1.1m ultrabounce

1 x 3 x 3 black out curtain stand

2 x 100cm x 120cm diffusion frame

3 x low boys

11 x c stands

2 x combo stand

2x Manfrotto 087nw windup stands (with wheels)

1 x Avenger A3065CS ( 638cm max height)

1 x Boom light stand

1 x Avenger Boom stand D650

1 x Manfrotto Autopole 1m-1.7m

1 x Manfrotto Autopole 1.5m-2.7m

3 x Manfrotto Autopole 2.1m-3.7m

2x Autopole extensions

3 x (3m x 3m) bLackout curtain

4 x (3ft x 3ft) floppys

2 x 18" x 48" cutters

7 x mathellini clamps

6 x super clamps

4 x umbrella adapters

7 x Knuckles

2 x Jumbo Knuckles

12 x clamps

6 x 300w dimmers


8 x 10kg shotbags

General Transport

Backstage Magliner Jr

TR-12 Rock and Roller Camera Cart (including table for magliner conversion) and Grip n Gaff bag